Welcome to Treatment Before Tragedy’s online magazine. We are a journalism advocacy project established to chronicle the challenges and solutions for America’s broken mental health system. This is not an easy topic. It is filled with pain, trauma, disappointment and struggle, but we intend to discuss it with […]

No more Auroras: #Tb4T launches

July 20th, two years ago, shots rang out in a theater in Aurora, Colorado. That night, a young man, James Holmes, killed and injured innocent moviegoers, out to watch “Batman: Dark Knight Rises.” Last week, District Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. ordered that Holmes’ court case be delayed to Dec. […]

An Aunt’s Grief

So many of us live with an anguish that very few people witness, as we watch our loved ones in sickness. This photo comes from a member of Treatment Before Tragedy. Our #Tb4T friend tells us: This photo is of my sister, just after she endured a two-day […]

Tragic murder of Houston family

Last week, Ron Haskell impersonated a Federal Express deliveryman to kill his ex-wife’s family in a shocking and tragic murder spree. In court last week, Haskell’s court-appointed attorney Doug Durham offered a window into Haskell’s psychiatric history: According to an account by KHOU in Houston: Haskell’s court-appointed attorney […]

Window into our world

In a moving front page story, “Behind the yellow door, a man’s mental illness worsens,” by national reporter Stephanie McCrummen, the Washington Post chronicled the story of so many families who struggle in private agony to get treatment for a loved one. The article made the “yellow door” a metaphor for […]